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Here on the farm we live by three words…Family, Faith, and Farming, and with that in mind, Farm Girl Ragz came to be! Well, and the help of Corona-cation!

Farm Girl Ragz was created and is owned by three women who grew up on the farm, Jennie, Melissa & Emily. We all reside within a square mile in small town Northwest Ohio where our farmers raise cattle and hogs while growing corn, soybeans, and wheat.

The Farm Girl Ragz brand was inspired by our love for where we grew up and our farmers who work hard every single day. Our farm has seen six generations and is still growing!

We are so glad you stopped by to shop and see what Farm Girl Ragz is all about. We hope to create apparel and accessories that our farm loving friends can rock fashionably while still supporting their favorite farmers!

Be Happy! XOXO

Farm Girl Ragz

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Family. Faith. Farming.

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